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Self Discovery is always looking for people who have a story that inspires us and services that enable mankind to embrace their true divine potential and inner loving beauty. 

We learn best from those who have journeyed before us and who have learned skills and tools and created programs that help others on their life’s journey. 

It may be a book, a story of courage and strength, health, spiritual/Quantum wisdom, business skills, and knowledge to guide humanity forward, we like help be the best we can be. 

Music, the Arts, Books, Coaching, Business, Children, Spirit, ALL Health, Mental, Physical, Addictions, Self Motivation, Conscious Business, and so much more, take a look at your Podcast lineup to see what we cover. 

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Community Mentors Directory with Self Discovery Media gives you…

  • A video/audio/blog show posting on you and one on the work you do
  • Your own business page presence on Discovering Communities Mentors Directory

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You have shared your WHY, now it is time to share your how and what.

(requires the additional purchase of annual mentors membership for $195)

Become a part of the Community Mentors Membership to learn how our network can serve your services today.

We want to support you our insightful guests with a Community Mentors Directory  that is comprised of you the experts who have shared your WHY with us through our interviews. You are skilled professions that aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with your knowledgeable skills and tools which is shared on  our interviews, on your own business page on your services, your videos, coaching programs and wholistic wellness plus more services.

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